20 Years of changing lives through growth

The Garden at Mockingbird Elementary has been providing a unique and enriching education to eager minds for over 20 years. Students engage in the full lifecycle of plant life, as well as learn about the environment through tracking, journaling, scientific experimentation and hands-on experience with livestock, to name a few.  We are always looking for ways to grow our garden program, so we ask that you give of funds or time. Both are valuable to our cause.


Garden Story

Garden Story

In 1996, The Garden at Mockingbird Elementary came to life in the heart of East Dallas. With the simple goal of creating a garden to teach children the lifecycle of plants, a small plot of beans planted in the corner of the school yard blossomed into the now 20,000 square foot garden that is known as The Garden at Mockingbird Elementary.

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We need help maintaining this 20,000 square foot space, and teachers need help as they facilitate learning for our 600+ students in the garden the garden! There is always work to be done, for everyone from the novice to the green thumb or master carpenter. We welcome and appreciate your help!

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Stonewall Store

Garden Store

We are excited to offer The Garden at Mockingbird Elementary merchandise for purchase! One of our best selling items is the garden T-shirt. The shirts can be worn on garden days as well as Fridays.

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Our Garden

Today, the garden is home to rows of student vegetable crops nestled between school buildings, and a busy urban street. Native wildflowers bloom in the Texas sun bringing natural pollinators for the students to explore.

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Student Crops

The areas of vegetable crops are organized by grade and then by class. Every student at the school plants, tends and then harvests his or her own personal plant in each of two growing seasons during the school year.

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The Garden at Mockingbird Elementary also includes a wildscape, planted nearly 20 years ago. The plants in this area include native and adapted wildflowers, grasses, vines and trees. Students see it going to seed in the fall, and watch the birds come to feast on these plants.

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Chicken Coop

For almost 30 years, students at Mockingbird Elementary have witnessed eggs hatching in their very classrooms. These chicks stay in the classroom, and most move on to other homes on farms or for backyard flocks.

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Rain Gauges and Solar Panels

Rain gauges and a solar panel provide scientific analysis points to help fully integrate the garden’s lessons with their classroom education.

Scientific Data

Onsite Greenhouse

An onsite greenhouse provides an area for seedlings to sprout and an outdoor learning lab area gives the students the ability to sit and explore nature while taking notes and receiving instruction.

What Our Students Learn

Photo Gallery

Rows of student vegetable crops; Native wildflowers in bloom; a chicken coop with a handful of hens; seedlings sprout in the small Greenhouse – all of these experiences and more have been captured over the years, check our photo gallery to see more.

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Latest News & Events

  It worked! Thank you  Mockingbird Elementary Dad’s club and Todd Redmond for the design and installation of the riverbed. It diverted the water, reduced erosion and allowed for native grasses to be planted alongside the edge.