Chicken Coop



Students have watched a range of species’ eggs hatch – quail, duck, peacock and of course chicken. A variety of chicken eggs is always chosen, including Buff Orpington, Brabanters, Silkies, Polish, and more.

Now a handful of hens are happy to call The Garden at Mockingbird Elementary their home. In the spring of 2010, the first East Dallas coop tour – a Peep at the Coops – showcased backyard coops and the flocks who live there. Stonewall Gardens was selected as a tour beneficiary, and with tour sponsorship money The Custom Coop Company designed and built a custom coop especially for Stonewall. We love that coop, and we love having chickens year round at Stonewall!

If you stop by our coop after school, you’re likely to find children and their parents visiting these beloved school pets. During garden class, children feed insects and grass to the chickens, talk about their role in the ecosystem, and witness the chickens laying eggs. It is another lesson in lifecycles, demonstrated by some pretty cute birds.