The Garden at Mockingbird Elementary Lecture Series Highlights

Have you ever thought about composting, but just have had NO clue how to do it? Well we invite you to come and check out our lecture on Thursday, May 25th at 6PM in the Cafeteria. Guest speaker April McElhone will demystify composting for us and explain how beneficial it is to our own gardens.



What IS that? A Giant rhubarb? A freaky martian celery plant?

Well if you have ever wanted to know what all of the cool plants we have in the garden are and what they do/are used for – then make sure to not miss our fantastic lecture presented by Mark Painter on Thursday night at 6:30 PM in the Auditorium.

Even if you THINK you know everything about gardening, I guarantee Mr. Painter can teach you a thing or two!



There will be a LIVE chicken on the auditorium stage Thursday!

You know you do NOT want to miss this opportunity. John Ramos with Urban Chicken will be on-hand to talk to us about starting our very own little chicken farms right in our own backyards.


We are HONORED and incredibly excited about Thursday’s main speaker for our lecture series, nationally acclaimed artist Mr. Billy Hassell.

Billy will be sharing with us his beautiful artwork as well as telling stories about how he came to art through nature and how it all started in his East Dallas neighborhood.

This is one NOT to miss. Thursday at 7:30PM in the Auditorium.