Thanks to Ms. Kelley

Periodically, we will be focusing on ‘Mockingbird Stars’ that make the garden the truly, magical, amazing place that it is. Without these people – the garden would not thrive and grow as it does.

Today, we’ve chosen Ms Kelley, The Garden at Mockingbird Elementary 4th Grade Science/Social Studies teacher.

She is more often then not found in the garden before school, after-school and on weekends. She greets everyone with a smile and is always happy to share her love and knowledge of the garden with not only her students – but all who come and visit with her in the garden.

Her passion and love for all that grows truly shines from within and The Garden at Mockingbird Elementary is so fortunate to have her in our garden.

Thanks Ms. Kelley for ALL that you do. You are a true ‘Mockingbird Star’.